Monday, May 28, 2018

Quartermaster General - The state of the Empire

So further to my last post here is a rough breakdown of the various units that I have. Most need to be painted or revisited, some do not;

45 x Carroburg Greatswords
16 x Reikland Knights
40 x Stirland Spearmen
6 x Bronzino's Galloper Guns
1 x War Wagon
1 x Stagecoach
2 x Steam Tanks
1 x Paymaster's wagon
7 x Great cannon
2 x Helstorm Rocket Batteries
4 x Helstorm Multi barrelled cannon
1 x Giants of Albion
56 x Ricco's Republican Guard
10 x Al Muktar's Desert Dogs
18 x Voland's Venators
21 x Breganzza Besieger's crossbowmen
20 x Birdmen of Catrazza
1 x Priest of Ulric
1 x Mercenary General
55 x Pirates (Militia)
25 Talabecland Swordsmen
19 x Bearmen of Urso
30 x Halberdiers
1 x Gotrex and Felix
1 x Mtd Priest of Ulric
35 x Crossbowmen
1 x Borgia the Besieger
1 x Lucrezzia Belladonna
8 x Knights Panther
20 x Reiksguard cavalry
70 x Pirazzo's lost legion
36 x Militia
25 x Long Drong Slayers
10 x Pistoliers
5 x Outriders

There are more infantry units than what is listed here, but I need to properly sort through them to fully appreciate what I have and can field.

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