Friday, July 31, 2009

ACW Ambulance Update

Have spent some more time on the ambulance. Still more to do on the cart and base as well as the surgeon, orderlies and wounded.

ACW Ambulance

A friend of mine bought me the Ambulance cart for my birthday. It is a lovely vignette and can double up as a command stand, especially for those drunkard generals that need to retire to their ambulance to consume some whiskey, purely for medicinal reasons. I have based the model on 2mm plasticard. The base size is 100mm x 80mm.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Confederate Regiment Finished

Well the flags finally came down from GMB designs and I am quite pleased with the finished results. The cavalry regiment are slow going at the moment whilst I finish a couple of commissions for other people.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ist Confederate Regt finished...well nearly

Last night I completed my first regiment of Perry ACw confederates. I have one standard bearer model to finish and add the flags but generally I am very pleased with the results. When I get an opportunity to photograph them in a decent light I will post some pictures.

My next ACW regiment will be a box of the Perry Cavalry. Not overly keen on painting horses, but it shouldn't take too long, especially if I use the Army Painter method. I have to say that their method for bulk painting is pretty good. You get a good wargames table standard. I have seen some models painted by other bloggers using other techniques, such as the foundry 3 stage paint method and they are very good.