Thursday, March 3, 2011

War of the Roses Update

Well I have nearly finished the first batch of Perry miniatures. I have completed painting three men at arms and seven bowmen. The bowmen have been painted with a blue and murrey livery. Unfortunatley for these archers their livery colours are the wrong way round! We'll excute the tailor later.

I used the Foundry paint system to paint these models. I used Deep Blue (20A/B/C) and for the murrey I used Deep Maroon (64A/B/C). I wanted to distinguish between red and the murrey, hence why I have gone for the deep maroon colour.

I am also not sure about the finish on the bows - I may change this at a later date. I hope the phjotos are okay. I will hae to remedy the photographing when I finally settle into a new house...sometime in the future.
As for the bases I have used bestial brown (Citadel colour) as a basecoat and then applied Army Painter scatter (Brown Battlefields) before adding some static grass, a mix of scorched grass and winter dead grass (both Citadel products). I have finally added a touch of the Army Painter Snow. At the moment I am only applying the snow to the skirmish models. When I eventually get round to paint the full armies I may leave the snow off their bases as most campainging was conducted in the summer months.

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