Monday, March 7, 2011

More Reading Material

I have just finished reading on the texts I bought recently on, The War of the Roses by Trevor Royle. The first half of the text discussed life in England prior to 1455. The story begins with Richard II before moving onto Henry IV and Henry V. It is during the times of these three kings that the seeds of disruption are sown. Had Henry VI been older (much older) when he ascended the throne then the story would have been very different.

I have two more books coming my way, Richard III and the Bosworth campaign by Peter Hammond and The Red Rose and the White: The War of the Roses 1455 - 1487 by John Sadler. Both of these books are more geared to the military campaigns fought during this 'First English Civil war.' I am about to start Lancaster and York by Alison Weir.

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