Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year, same philosophy?

As I sit thinking about what this year has in store for me I can with certainty say I will not be buying too many new products or models. The tail end of last year saw my wife and I buy our first home. There is to be a lot of belt tightening over next 18 months.

However, I see that as a positive! The projects I intend to focus on this year are my 15mm American War of Independence and 15mm Caesarean Rupublican Roman army from Westwind. Moving to 28mm scale I have my War of the Roses Project, more can be found on this on my sister blog, The White Boar. I will also being trying to paint up so e of my Empire of the Dead miniatures too, as they have been lying in their boxes for too long. I made the most of the Christmas bonanza on Amazon and bought a kindle copy of In Her Majesty's Name, the steampunk rules from Osprey.

The biggest project will be to develop the outbuilding, which sits in the garden. This is a stone building with a small conservatory attached and will make a fine studio/workshop. It will be a good amount of time before I can develop the area as I still have some remedial work to do in the house.

I think that's all for now. I don't want to get ahead of myself as these things invariably take longer than expected.

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