Sunday, August 5, 2012

British Paras - Flames of War

I recently painted a batch of British Paratroopers for a friend of mine. He has a sizeable DAK force and an increasingly large Waffen SS army for Flames of War. However a 'stuff' load of Paras fell into his lap.

Our local wargames club haven't attended any kind of event for eight years, the last being Gamesday 2004 in Birmingham. So we decided to start small and attend a bi-annual show here in Jersey. For this show we Glenn and Richard Kelly put time in on building a new terrain board set in Normandy amongst the bocage. Simon Hewlett and GLenn provided the Germans and I painted up the British Paras. We were really pleased with results.

Currently I am painting some of the said Waffen SS infantry for Glenn whilst he concentrates on the armour. I will post some pics of the Germans once they are painted.