Friday, May 4, 2012

Astral Fists Space Marine Legion

 Although my major focus is on my War of the Roses project I am very occasionally working on my Astral Fist project. Fortunately I don't have to buy anything for this! All the models are sitting in the garage ready to be painted. I will post some WIP shots soon, but for now here is the paint scheme heavily inspired by their founding legion.


  1. Very nice! You mention a founding legion - based on the Imperial Fists, I assume?


  2. The Astral Fists are mentioned briefly on a 40k novel I think. I trawler through the database at Lexicanum for a Chapter I could use. The other thing about the Astral Fists is that they have no recorded paint scheme so I made it up.

  3. You may be confusing the name with Astral Claws... but you've got a good name there, and a good colour scheme as well.
    For a list of 'Known' Chapter names visit here: