Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update 2012

Well things have been very quiet on this blog. Since my last post I have now returned to Jersey, sorted out a place to live with my wife, Andrea and pulled out all my stuff from storage. I have also managed to restart our club newsletter, Broadside, ably helped by my brother after some computer problems I have had. In fact I am currently using an old macmini, circa 2002/2003 to gain access to the internet!

Howver, I have been able to get some painting done. Last month I played a ACW game using a set of quick play rules. The game was entertaining but I was keen to use Blackpowder by Warlord Games. This Thursday I plan to do just that. For the game I'll be using regiments of 20 models (this will increase as more models are painted). In order to get enough models on the table I needed to paint up a few extra regiments. In the words of James over at the Olicanalad blog  I consider this a 'non-project'. For a definiton of what a non-project is go and check out his site, if you haven't already!

I have managed to get another club member hooked into the period and as we are both going to Salute  this year I am sure he'll be buying a few models. I will get a couple of photos of the new paint jobs up on the blog in the next few days.

I have two other major foci at the present. The first is two streamline my collection. To this end I'll be ebaying stuff and I will also be taking some stuff over to Salute to sell on the bring and buy. I have never used it so I'll see how it goes. The other focus is to start my War of the Roses collection. This is a huge project and although I have a loose plan I need to identify a definitve end date. You can find out how I progress with this project over on my other blog - The White Boar (
Well that's all for now. I hope to post more regularly now that I am settled and having all my resources to hand.

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