Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Something to fill my time

Well the paperwork is underway and I am hurrying up and waiting. Getting myself registered in NZ is a lengthy process and while I wait for forms to come in and go out again I have put myself to work on a fantasy project to keep me occupied.

I have bought an Ogre Battalion box set and an extra box of Ironguts. The purpose of this project is to develop my sculpting skills. I have already added greenstuff to two of the ironguts, giving them a northman look. I have stopped there for the time being while I refocus on the bases as I want to give them a uniform look.

As for the rest of the army I am going to think a little harder on the theme I use. Some ideas so far - Arabic - Saracen, Northmen - vikings or an Empire feel. I will post some pics in the next couple of days of the progress I have made.

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