Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ogre Army - Beginnings

I have decided to build the ogre army with an 'Empire' theme in mind. I have bought one box of Ironguts and a Battalion box set to get me started. As I have already mentioned this is an exercise in modelling with green or grey stuff. As you can see I have based all of the Ogres using Gale Force 9 basing materials. I began with placing larger 'boulders, blocks etc'. Next I used the fine grit, followed by their medium grit to create a more interesting base. Once the models have been painted I will add dead/winter static grass, also made by Gale Force 9.

I have added greenstuff to three of the models so far. The first model has already been undercoated black. I decided that some of the ogres would have served in the far north of the Empire, either in Ostermark or Ostland. While others would have served in Averland or Talabecland. The Leadbelchers that come with the battalion box set will be painted up either in Nuln or Nordland colours.

The next step in the process is take six models and start to work on them as a batch. Meanwhile I will do a test paint on the undercoated model.

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