Sunday, January 30, 2011

War of the Roses - a project for the future

Although I am about to embark on a grand adventure across three quarters of the globe I am still painting or reading a little. When I first got myself into the historical period I collected an Essex 15mm WotR army. I bought enough models to paint up two sides. Over the intervening decade or two I have added to the collection with some Peter Pig miniatures.

However my passion for 28mm miniatures has forced my eyes to look beyond the smaller models. Since the Perry brothers have brought out the plastic ranges I am keen to create some armies. Not that it will happen anytime soon but I see it as my next historical project. One that I am keen to finish!

In the meantime I picked up some books to read, the first book is The War of the Roses by Trevor Royle, the second - Lancaster and York by Alison Weir and the third is A Brief History of the War of the Roses by Desmond Seward. I'll let you know how I get on with them.

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