Friday, March 26, 2010

Campaigning with the Duke of Wellington & Featherstone

Nipped home to see what the postman had delivered and my copy of Campaigning with the Duke of Wellington and Featherstone has arrived. I plan to take a good read of this text before plunging into the world of Napoleonic wargaming. Thanks to Clarence Harrison who name dropped this book as a source of reference that he is using. If you haven't already seen his work, check out the link to the left hand side. His work is excellent. It's the Quindialink. For now though, I still have a couple of hundred Confederate soldiers to paint in the meantime!

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  1. AAAaahhh the never ending line of painting models. Ive just finished a load of Zulus, and now i need to finish my ECW army before Kelmarsh History day, that with the bag of goodies im bound to pick up at Salute...

    Once more into the breach....