Monday, June 22, 2009

Magazines and inspiration

It is always a hunt when you go looking in town newsagents for the latest copy of Wargames - Soldiers and Strategy or Wargames Illustrated, however it it even harder when a format of a magazine changes.
Anyway, back to my ramblings. I was looking through the various magazines in the old King Street News, I am unsure of what the shop is called now it has changed hands so many times. I found a copy of the latest edition of Wargames Illustrated and I was ataken back with what I found.
As many of you are aware wargames Illustrated was recently bought out by Battlefront Miniatures, those Kiwis that have brought back a resurgence in WW2 gaming. I decided to buy the magazine and it is a quality read at £4. The articles are well writtten with plenty of eye candy to keep you salivating. The magazine has articles which cover just about every period from Ancients to Modern. The latest edition has a review about Salute 2009. With their revamp they are also enticing everybody with a box of free miniatures when you subscribe.
This new format is very enjoyable to read and look at. Some time ago an online website - Wargames Journal really was taking off with great articles and downloads, then they went to a paper format with the website supporting their hardcopy magazine, however its print run was not to last and they went back to a pure web based magazine. Unfortunatley the magazine seems to have died a death. I wonder if it will rise like the pheonix though. The way they formatted their magazine has not been lost and Wargames Illustrated who have always had great articles, even some written by members of the Jersey Wargames Society (Uncle Derek Henderson to those of you who know him) have improved the quality of their magazine by adding some of those qualities found in Wargames Journal.

If you are looking for inspiration go to 'The Miniatures Page' is a great source of information about any type of wargaming that you happen to be into and if I am preaching to the converted then I definitely missed the bus with that website.
It is good to see these magazines competing against each other as it means that we the paying customer are going to be getting better value for money!
As for the wargaming side of things it has been a bit thin on the ground as of late but I hope to make up for it in the near future.

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