Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Napoleonic Reboot

I have been dabbling for a while with various projects. My Empire of the Dead will get a further look in when the models arrive from Westwind Games. The kick starter miniatures should arrive in September, hopefully.

However the other side focus I am looking into is Napoleonic wargaming. As space is an issue (I have too many 28mm miniatures) I am building my armies in 15mm. I have bought some Peninsular British as I like the variety of troops which fought in that theatre. The models are Blue Moon miniatures.

The miniatures themselves are pretty good value, although they do have a bit of excess flash. They are fairly easy to paint too. I am planning on building a couple of divisions, perhaps even a corp for the French. As for the rules of choice I'll be using Le Feu Sacré, by Too Fat Lardies. These rules handle corp sized games, require less miniatures per battalion and I like the fog of war aspect that the rules use.

I will post a British orbat soon. The first regiment is the 45th, Nottinghamshire regt.

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