Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Napoleonics in 20mm

One of the club members at my local wargames club has suggested doing Napoleonics in 20mm or 1/72nd scale. I have to say I am quite enthusiastic about this. It is a trip down memory lane. Many years ago I was bought the Waterloo set by my parents. There is nothing left of that now but after some searching on the net I have found pretty much everything I need. For the time being I am painting up some French Old Guard. I have already looked at basing and I am going to use the same widths as at 28mm. Infantry will occupy a 15mm width and Cavalry a 20mm width. The depths will be 45mm for infantry and cavalry.


  1. New periods/scales are always exciting!

  2. I am a little sceptical of using vinyl plastic but my initial paint job has turned out okay.